Tuesday, July 31, 2012

MCM 37: Weekly Round-Up (1)

(Although I wrapped up my fourth week of training, I'm starting my training round-ups at one for good measure.)

Week 4 started off really well.  I ran 6 miles last Monday, 5 glorious miles on Wednesday, and felt like a boss in the swimming pool on Thursday.  I was looking forward to a strong 14-miler on Saturday and, with that, a boost of confidence and affirmation that I have a mileage base and can focus on speed during this round of training.

The long run didn't go as well as I would have liked.  I set out a little before 9, and it was already hot.  I took the first few miles slowly and felt really good until about Mile 6.  My clothes were soaked, and I felt like I wasn't drinking enough to stay hydrated.  (By the way, there is something really scary about drinking 64 ounces of water and Gatorade over the course of a 14 mile run and not once needing to stop at a restroom.)  I stopped to walk often and, even though that's totally fine and a smart thing to do, I felt really discouraged about my overall fitness level.  I just didn't have it in me to run, and I wanted to quit running (and possibly training) right at that moment.

Of course, since I was quite far from my apartment and didn't really have a choice, I kept running and things started to improve.  I ran below my goal pace and took walk breaks when needed.  When I got back to my apartment and hopped into a tub of ice water (running clothes included), I realized that the run wasn't all bad and that I'm still in decent shape. And, there's a bright side of training outside during the summer: running a marathon in October is going to feel like a breeze -- well, as much as a breeze that running 26.2 miles can feel.

I'm still in this, folks.

Week 5 started off with a rest day yesterday and a hill workout today.  So far, so good.  Here's what I have planned for the rest of this week:

Wednesday - 6 miles (tempo)
Thursday - optional AM easy morning run/swimming pm
Friday - off
Saturday - 16 miles
Sunday - 4 miles

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Murphy's Law: Runner Style

This has been making its way around the internet.  I always seem to get caught on a rainstorm during a long run when I get new shoes.

(via theRUNiverse)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

MCM 37: Training Update

The blog has been very quiet these days, but I'm in training for Marathon #4

The shorter runs, speed workouts, and hill runs have gone really well.  But, truth be told, I've had to push myself to get my long runs in.  If we don't count the long run I cut short because heat exhaustion was a very real possibility, I've only done one run over 10 miles in the last three weeks.  (I did some rearranging, too, to accommodate a lovely weekend getaway.)  There's a part of me that's very chill about the whole thing because I can run the marathon distance -- the three finisher's medals prove it.

But, after Providence, I want to run 26.2 miles well.  
I want a PR.
I want to get closer to a BQ time.
I want to be faster than Oprah and Sarah Palin.

I can say "I'll put in the miles in August and September" but now's the time to really work on becoming a stronger and faster runner.

Out of the 17 planned weeks of training, I've completed three and will be moving onto Week 4.  This time around, I used the Smart Coach tool from Runner's World to build a plan to get me across the finish line in just over fours.  Given my current PR, it's ambitious.  But, if I put in the work, I should be able to reach my goal.
Weeks 1-6 of my plan
Week 4 is coming up:

Monday - 6 miles
Tuesday - Rest
Wednesday - 6 miles
Thursday - 5 miles AM/swimming PM*
Friday - Rest
Saturday - 14 miles
Sunday - XT

*I've decided to take the plunge into the world of triathlons...except how I look more like a drowning turtle when I swim.  I think the swimming classes have started to correct that.

It's going to be a fun next few months!