About Me

Hello and welcome!  My name is Alisha, and I'm a 20-something living, working, and running in our nation's capital.

I started this blog to document my training for the 2010 Baltimore Marathon (my first race EVER). Since the first time was so much fun, I decided to do it again and this blog became a place where I could share all of my running adventures.

Nearing the finish line at the 2010 Baltimore Marathon!
I was far from athletic in high school and college (Does band count?) but decided to start running when I moved to DC in 2009.  The first few runs were rough, but my endurance improved significantly in a short time.  In May of 2010, a good friend convinced me that running a marathon was a good idea; since then, I've run five marathons, several half marathons, and many other events.

 Finishing up my third marathon in Providence, Rhode Island

Personal Records (Click over to my Race Recap page for more!)

5K: 25:47, Love the Run You're With (2012)
8K: 43:36, Run! Geek! Run (2011)
10K: 53:37, Marine Corps 10K (2013)
10 Mile: 1:32:18, Army 10-Miler (2013)
20K: 2:04:00, JFK 20K (2012)
Half-Marathon: 1:57:25, Richmond Half Marathon (2013)
Marathon: 4:29:06, Rock 'n' Roll USA (2014)