Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lurking Around the Interwebs

For your reading pleasure, here are a few of my favorite links from the past week:

Thought Catalog: My Run on the Treadmill as I Imagine the Girl Next to Me Imagines 

"...his iPod just fell on the treadmill and got launched behind him.  He's looking to see if anyone saw 
before he gets it.  We make eye contact. Awkward.  Super awkward...He'll never be the alpha male.


Mental Floss: Eleven Ways to Cheat While Running a Marathon

Including gems such as: Taking a bus, having someone run it for you, and trading off miles with your sibling


Runner's World: Of Gingerbread Men, Running, and Hubris

"The little old woman and little old man changed into shorts and technical shorts and frantically rummaged around for their running shoes and then ran after the gingerbread man, who as a barefoot runner had a clear advantage in such situations."


The Mary Sue: The Best Breaking Dawn Review You'll Ever Read

"Then the girl breaks in half and her husband chews all over her while she sleeps with her eyes open and her best friend falls in love with the baby and...wait, what?"

Okay, this one isn't actually related to running. But, c'mon, you have to admit that you climbed aboard the ROFL-copter.  No? Just me?

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