Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I Can Take a Hint

I've been using dailymile to track my workouts since January 2011.  It's an incredibly motivating tool -- I can compare my mileage from month to month, check out my stats since joining the site, and see how my training compares to my friends.  There's nothing more motivating than seeing that my friends have logged miles while I was sitting on the couch watching reruns of Arrested Development.

The site also sends users a weekly e-mail with total mileage, stats from friends, and some motivating adjective describing that week's training.  It's very nice to receive an automated pat on the back each week.

This came instead of my usual weekly e-mail on Sunday:

Okay, so it has been eight days since I last logged a workout but did you have to rub it in, dailymile?

I went out for my first run since the marathon earlier today.  I'm not going to lie: it was hard.  Even though I felt great cross training and lifting last week, it's very clear that I'm no where near recovered from this marathon.

I'll get there, though.  My plan is to try a few more easy runs this week and try a long run of eight miles some time this weekend.  I have to get in shape for summer 5Ks!

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