Sunday, March 31, 2013

Vampires Are Cool Again

I may have spent the better part of this weekend reliving the magic that is BtVS seasons six and seven, and I may have picked Nancy Holder's Buffy: The Making of a Slayer

Complete with replicas of props!
I'm a proud member of the Buffy generation -- you know, back when vampires were scary.  Even if a human girl fell in love with one, they could still instill fear.  You know, back before vampires sparkled in the sun and were worried about pre-marital sex.  (Okay. Technically, very bad things happened when Buffy and Angel got intimate.  It's totally bogus that even a show about a kick-ass female superhero was so sex negative.)

I'm rambling again.

So, with lame vampires, zombies became the new trendy Big Bad -- and there are plenty of post-zombie apocalypse, survival-themed races to prove it.  What's a fan of vampires to do?

Why the Vampire 5K, of course!

Participants choose one role: citizen or vampire.  Starting at dusk, citizens toward finish line.  Meanwhile, vampires try to convert citizens by taking away flags from their garlic belt.  There's even fog, a red powder zone, and a finish line party!

The DC race is scheduled for April 26th.  Anyone in?

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