Sunday, August 22, 2010

Is it autumn yet?

If I had to use one phrase to describe how my weekend runs went, I would have to use “Struggle Bus.”

I hate whining about the humidity, but I know that it affected my performance on both days. Saturday’s run included legs through Georgetown and around the Tidal Basin, which is a gorgeous route. I found that as long as I was in the shade, life was fantastic. When not in the shade, it was very easy to feel exhausted. Same deal on today. Of course, I wonder if my sprinting the first two miles this morning had something to do with the fact that I felt like crap for the last three.

Taking a “glass half full” approach, forcing myself to run in crazy heat means that my runs in the cooler September/October months will feel much easier.

Schedule for Week 9 (less than two months to go!):

Monday: Technically, I have Monday scheduled as a rest day but I’m going to hit the gym to work on core and upper body strength.
Tuesday: 3 miles
Wednesday: 4 miles
Thursday: 4 miles
Saturday: 16 miles
Sunday: 3 miles

I’m considering making a trip home this weekend, so I may end up running 16 miles in glorious New Haven. (Plus, that means I will get to escape the Glenn Beck/Sarah Palin hullabaloo that’s going to going to go down on the Mall.) We'll see, though -- especially since my parents are coming for Labor Day weekend. (Time to hide the disinhibitors...)

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