Sunday, August 8, 2010

Week 7 Plan

Tomorrow begins Week 7 of training.

Earlier, I mentioned that I'm terrible at math (though all three of this weekend's practice GRE exams showed improvement). I counted incorrectly and the training schedule needed to be reconfigured. I spent some time yesterday moving things around, and I believe that I should be okay from here on out.

The schedule for this week looks like this:

Monday, August 8 - Walk to and home from my office
Tuesday, August 10 - 4 miles
Wednesday, August 11 - 4 miles
Thursday, August 12 - 4 miles
Friday, August 13 (superstitious Alisha is superstitious) - Walk
Saturday, August 14 - X-Train AM, last minute test prep, pleading with the ETS gods, GRE 12 PM
Sunday, August 15 - 15 miles

Total: 27 miles

I'm nearing my 48th hour without prolonged human interaction. I left my apartment once yesterday, and that was to run eight miles. Real clothes didn't happen. Hardcore GRE studying did. As a reward, I purchased two new video games and spent the remainder of my Saturday night glued to the television. Today was very similar, except I opted to study outside after my practice test and put on real clothes. Of course, spending so much time alone means so much time to sit with my thoughts and flush everything out. I think I've got Mama Odie's wisdom down to an art.

Things I need for this week: complete focus, strength, and endurance.

Time to get to work.

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