Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday Round-Up

Training has been very different these last few weeks in the absence of a spreadsheet to tell me what workouts I need to complete each day.  In short, everything is a lot more flexible.  There is a part of me that liked the flexibility, but I do miss having something to help me keep everything balanced. Last week, the focus seemed to be on strength and speed; this week, it was about distance: 24 miles over five days, and all of them outside (which is probably why I didn't bother to go to the gym to strength train).

The Capitol Hill Classic 10K is a week away, and I’m so excited to hit the racing scene again. I have two goals for this race:

  1. Very likely I will accomplish this: Break 60 minutes
  2. Will be awesome if I can do this: Finish in 53 minutes or less.

My tentative plan for the week is to run three days, complete two strength workouts, and take Saturday to prepare for the race. 

The other exciting news of this week is that I retired my second pair of running shoes yesterday.  Honestly, it was time for a new pair.  For the next 500 or so miles, I’ll be going from these:

To these:

What can I say? This shoe did very well, and I intend to stick with it for as long as I can.

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