Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Non-Running Commentary: Twenty-Four

I spent my 24th birthday weekend at my parents’ house in Connecticut. There was something nice about waking up in my bedroom at home – away everything in DC – a year older and, with any luck, a year wiser.

In the weeks leading up to my birthday, I started to feel like I'm starting to get “it.” Broadly, “it” is what it means to be a twenty-something and how these years will affect the next phase of my life. “It” is knowing that it’s okay that I’m not reaching certain milestones in the exact order that I planned as a child dreaming about what life would be like in my twenties. “It” is understanding that I don’t have to be on the exact timeline as others in my peer group. “It” is finally starting to accept the person that I've become – personality quirks and all -- and understanding how I can continue to grow.

There were moments of 23 that felt like absolute train wrecks. (Then again, doesn’t everything feel like a train wreck after a night of debauchery? Or maybe those were just the little construction workers in my head.) There were also so many joyful moments and so many moments of which to be proud. (It may have taken me longer than I planned, but I did manage to get myself across the finish line of my first marathon.) There were moments of confusion and moments of wondering if I’m on the right path. And, there were moments of confidence and knowing that things will be okay if I’m willing to put in the work and keep the big picture in sight.

I discovered new interests and passions. I figured out what I need from my relationships (platonic and otherwise), and I learned what I can offer in my relationships with others. I met incredible people, formed new friendships, and strengthened existing friendships. I saw that I could push myself physically in the same ways that I pushed myself mentally and artistically at various points in my life.

So, for Age 24, I only hope that I am able to experience greater personal and professional growth, become a more efficient runner, enjoy the many friendships that I'm so blessed to have, become closer to my family, enjoy new experiences, continue to to do the things that I love, and make the most of every moment.

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