Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy National Running Day

Happy National Running Day, everyone!

Alright, so I’m technically a little under two hours until the end of the celebration of the joys of running but – as our quiz mistress says – “Better late than pregnant.”

My workout today didn’t go entirely as planned. With gross weather (It's so hot; milk was a bad choice) and plans for the early evening, I decided to hit the treadmill for a speed workout instead of going to the Ladies Night run. I started with a warm-up at 6.0 MPH and then increased the speed to 7.3 MPH, which has become my hard-but-doable pace. The first 800 meters were okay, but I started to feel tired and reduced the speed to 6.5 before taking a walk break, completely stopping at 2.5 miles. My guess is that diving head first into a speed workout after a five-day adventure to Connecticut – during which I really only ran once – wasn’t the greatest idea.

I’m not at all worried though, even with a race this weekend and the Run with Dad 5K in a few weeks.  (By the way, I'm super excited for June 19th.  Not only will I get to run with my dad during his first 5K, but I'll get to go to CONCACAF Gold Cup matches at RFK!)  It’s been really nice to take a break from heavy training, and I’m confident that I’ll be able to get back into my groove very soon.

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