Sunday, April 10, 2011

Get Right for the Summer Workout Tape

This weekend, I tried my hand at being an irresponsible 20-something. For the first time in a many weeks, “I can’t; I have to run in the morning.” did not enter the conversation.  Of course, this meant that my runs this weekend suffered. On Saturday, I cut what should have been an easy three-mile run short because I was a quarter-mile away from vomiting all over the treadmill; today, four miles at a 9:00 pace was harder than it should have been.

But, you know what? This weekend was a lot of fun! And, even though I'm going to hit the training circuit again to prepare for my next race, I'm looking forward to many more nights of crazy adventures.

Five weeks stand between the Capitol Hill Classic 10K and me. It’s a distance that I can handle, but my goal is to beat my previous 10K time of 63:49 (Avg. Pace: 10:17). I’d like to run this race at a solid 8:30 pace. Training this time will be a little more flexible – I’m not even going to make a spreadsheet this time! And, I hope that my plan to become leaner will help me reach my goal pace.

I was inspired by JG of Stuff Jewish Girls Like to invite Jillian Michaels into my home for 30 days of strength training, cardio, and ab work. (JG has invited her readers to join her in the 30 Day Shred to tone and become stronger in time for spring. Check out the Level 1 Discussion Forum.)

My plan is to add the workouts two to three times per week (Mondays, Fridays, and on days where I have easy three-mile runs planned). I don’t expect dramatic weight loss –
sorry, Jillian, but 1200 calorie diets aren’t my style – but I do hope to see myself trim down.

And, of course, I’ll continue with my speed workouts and weekend long runs to make sure I hit my goal pace during the 10K.

So, here we go!


  1. Yahhh, Jillian and your insane 1200 calorie diets. Glad you're not doing that part; I definitely don't recommend it. You'll have to let me know what you think of the results! I shaved a lot of time off my mile thanks to my increased core strength, which I attribute to exercises with Jillian.

  2. I certainly will! I'm Level 1 tomorrow and ready to have Jillian whip my toosh into shape!