Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall Four: Weekly Round-Up (16)

I mentioned in my recap for the Race to Representation that I could tell that I wasn’t completely recovered from last week’s 22-miler.  My planned workouts weren’t any different than workouts I’ve done in previous weeks, but I could feel the miles and that I was off my game.  Then, there was the 5K.  By this afternoon, when I went out for an eight-mile run, I started to feel close to 100% percent and had a fantastic run.  (The weather today was perfect, too.) Things should go a little better this week.

Week 20
Monday: X-Training and Strength Training
Tuesday: Speed Work, 30 Minutes
Wednesday: 5 miles
Thursday: 3 miles
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 10 miles
Sunday: X-Train and Strength Training

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