Saturday, November 5, 2011

Race to Representation 5K Round-Up

The Women & Politics Institute organized the inaugural Race to Representation 5K on AU’s campus this morning.  Stef told me about the race, and we decided to run as part of training for Philadelphia. (Tomorrow, the tentative plan is to run six or seven miles.)

I haven’t really spent much time on the campus (outside of a few very hilly runs), but it was a beautiful location for a race.  The event was done really well, and it was a great way to learn about the work that WPI is doing to close the gender gap in political leadership.  The more I run races, the more I find that I enjoy smaller races as much as the races with thousands of runners on the course.  The organizers provided each runner with a giftbag and a great t-shirt.  And, I give the organizers major props for making registration so easy.  I actually signed up for the race after the online registration closed but getting the form to and confirmation from WPI wasn't stressful at all.  

The course was a two-lap loop around one of AU's quads.  This was my first race with laps, and there was the fear of being lapped at some point during the race by someone much faster.  The first time around, I tried to get a sense of the course to decide where I would pick up speed on the second go-around.  My goal was to run a sub-25:00 race, but I couldn’t get myself to run at pace.  I could tell that my body still (still!?) wasn’t 100% after Sunday's 22-miler, but I didn’t want to give up on my time goal and tried to push where I could.  I finished with a time that I knew was at least a few seconds faster than my current record set back in February.

Previous record: 27: 48, Love the Run You’re With 5K
Gun Time: 27:26
Net Time: 27:17
Average Pace: 8:47

I’m not actually worried about my time, but it would have been nice to run a sub-25:00 race.  Next time!

And, in any case, I think I’m in a great place to run the Philadelphia marathon. Fifteen days to go…

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