Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Marathoning VPs

From Gawker:
It was bad enough that Paul Ryan compulsively lied about his marathon time, but now comes word that, among recent vice-presidential candidates who ran marathons, Ryan is only the third fastest. John Edwards posted the fastest time at three hours and thirty minutes. Impressive, if not super surprising; you don't get to be as monstrously vain and awful as him without a masochistic workout regimen. The real surprise here, though – and the one sure to sting the most to Ryan – is the report that former Alaska Governor and current reality TV matriarch Sarah Palin ran a marathon in three hours and fifty-nine minutes, a full two minutes faster than Ryan's time.
One of my goals is to be faster than Sarah Palin and Oprah (at the 1994 Marine Corps Marathon, Oprah ran a 4:29:20 race).

If I manage to beat Palin's, Oprah's, and Ryan's time during my next marathon, I will be one happy marathoner.

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