Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Real Bears and Soda

I saw this on A Black Girls' Guide to Weight Loss, and I wasn't sure what to expect.  My first thought was something like, "Oh look - it's a family of cartoon bears!" (Clearly, I'm a two year-old.)

That didn't last long...

From the Center for Science in the Public Interest, the creators of the film:

The Real Bears tells the story of a family of polar bears who, even in their distant Arctic environment, are not immune from sunny marketing messages from Big Soda. The whole family is consuming too much soda… and is experiencing everything from weight gain to tooth decay to problems in the bedroom. Only after recuperating from a terrifying visit to Doc Fox's chilly surgical suite does Pop Bear come to realize that soda has brought nothing but sadness to his family. In the film's stirring dénouement, he leads his family to reclaim their health—and their happiness.

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