Saturday, February 23, 2013

FLOTUS Wins; Everyone Can Go Home Now

This is my public declaration of my girl crush on Michelle Obama.

Okay, actually, I routinely tweet about how I wish that she and I could be besties.  We'd hang out, go shopping for cute dresses, share healthy recipes, and talk fitness.  And, I would tell her that - contrary to what some believe - her focus on family and healthy living doesn't make her any less of a feminist.  We would hug, and then the president would come in and tell me that he's appointing me as the next secretary of education...

...a girl can dream, right?

Anyway! Somehow, I managed to watch a bunch of videos this morning of the first lady being amazing.  (I really should have already started chores and gone to the gym by now.)

First up, the first lady and Big Bird (I know, right!?) have great advice on healthy eating:

Then, Big Bird showed the first lady his sweet dance moves:

Speaking of sweet dance moves -- Mom Dancing! This is the most amazing video on the internet.  There, I said it.

Also! Michelle Obama knows how to Dougie! I'm not even that cool!

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