Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall Four: Weekly Round-Up (13)

I modified my training schedule for this week.  The original plan was to run the Army 10-Miler hard, take it easy during the week, and enjoy being back in Baltimore for the half-marathon.  Now that I'm running Baltimore with the intention of running hard (sub-2:00 half or bust, baby!), I'm going to do a bit more running this week than originally planned.  

Also, this week: My body is a temple!  Wine? Maybe one glass of red.  Beer? Nope.  Fruits and vegetables? Hell yes!

Monday - X-Train and Strength Training 
Tuesday - Speed Workout
Wednesday - 3 Miles (easy) and Strength Training
Thursday - 3 miles (easy)
Friday - Off 
Saturday - Baltimore Half-Marathon
Sunday - Off

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