Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Operation Sub-2: Weekly Round-Up (2)

I’m terribly late with my weekly training round-up, and I’m going to blame the fact that the past week felt like The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day on repeat.

I’ll spare you my whining about my first world problems, but my life outside of running felt like a huge disaster.  I couldn’t keep my emotions together either, which was strange because the last time I had a serious cry involved watching a Disney movie.  (Look, you try watching Tangled by yourself and see what happens.  Seriously, the music swelled and I couldn’t help it….Damn you, Alan Menken.)

Anyway, weeks like that happen and, for the most part, I was able to resolve most of the issues that came up once I stopped freaking out.  Plus, this week is showing signs of being awesome.  I mean, once an Eastern European man who’s old enough to be your grandfather invites you to see a movie and have dinner with him, the week can’t possibly go wrong.

As far as training goes, I’m three days into Week 3 and have shifted a few things around to make up for not running on Sunday and having a race on Saturday.  I skipped my run today in favor of letting Jillian Michaels whip my abs into shape with her 30-Day Shred video.  I started at Level 1 after a very long break and discovered that I lost a lot of upper body strength but continue to have the leg muscles of a champion.  Funny how those things work…

Week 3
Sunday: Rest
Monday: 40-minute interval workout
Tuesday: X-Training and Strength Training (30 Day Shred)
Wednesday: 45-minute tempo run
Thursday: 3 miles (easy)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: JFK 20K 

In other exciting news, I've chosen a spring marathon! Hooray! I'll write a full post about the details because Operation Sub-2:00 Half Marathon now has a companion mission of running a 4:30 marathon (or faster) in May in Providence.

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