Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Operation Sub-2: Weekly Round-Up (8)

I've been a little down on myself for the past week about my training.  I know I shouldn't beat myself up because I've put in 95% of the work and my most recent 5K PR is proof that I'm getting faster.  But, the thought of not running next Saturday's race in under 2:00 keeps popping into my head.  I even had a hilarious anxiety dream that involved showing up to a marathon completely unprepared.  I even showed up to the start in a pair of flip-flops! In the dream, I decided to just go with it and finished the first 5K in 34 minutes -- nearly nine minutes slower than my personal best.

In the waking world, I've had a few shorter runs during which I've run 8:30 miles and faster. On my long runs, though, I haven't been able to hit that pace during the faster miles.  (Stef and I have started to break up our long runs by doing a few miles below our intended race paces, a few runs at or faster than our race pace, and finishing with slower miles.) 

I know I'll be okay.  Hell, I had a half-marathon PR in Baltimore on a very hilly course and after running the Army 10-Mile Run six days before. I'll just think positively about what I'll be able to do on race day.

So, here we go:
Sunday: 30-minute speed workout
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 40-minute tempo workout
Wednesday: 3 miles, easy
Thursday: 4-5 miles, easy
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 8 miles, easy

Ten days to go until race day!

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