Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Zombies, Run!

Should the Zombie Apocalypse actually become a thing, all of the miles that I've put in should improve my survival chances -- especially if the zombies are of the the slow-moving, dimwitted variety

If you're not confident in your survival chances, there's an app for that:
A brand new running app called, “Zombies, Run!” will transform your repetitious run into a game. Boredom is blasted away while you run to seek safety for yourself and those around you. While the story streams straight through your headphones, you can complete 30 missions and 40 runs worth of game-play as you run towards becoming a hero for all mankind. Forget running in that Wonder Woman costume at the next themed race, this is your opportunity to show ‘em who’s boss and save humanity in your favorite run clothes. Click here to find out more about this cool new app!  -- Women's Running Magazine
Sounds awesome, right? I sometimes dread going out for speed workouts, but the threat of a zombie attack would definitely force me to keep my pace on those runs.

Anyone want to use this to train for the Run for Your Lives 5K?

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