Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday Inspiration: A Full Windsor

Of all of the days of the week, I find Tuesday to be the least exciting.

Tuesday is to Monday and Wednesday – when I meet a group of absolutely fantastic people for pub quiz and Hump Day, respectively -- as Jan Brady is to Marsha and Cindy.

Tuesday is no Thursday, which is usually the night when a group of lovely ladies hosts a rotating dinner party. (In fact, it was after one such dinner party that I decided that running a marathon would be an excellent idea.)

In a battle for most awesome day of the week, Tuesday is no match against TGI Carb Night -- mostly because I love carbs almost as much as I love puppies, Christmas, and goat cheese.

Plus, Saturdays and Sundays are just the bees knees.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t have anything personal against Tuesday. Back at Yale, when friends would gather at Hot T’s – which, apparently, closed its doors -- for the $5 beer and burger special, I loved Tuesdays. (And, studying after happy hour was much more fun.)

But, now, Tuesdays are kind of just…


I think Tuesday needs something special. So, I'm going to introduce a new series of posts. Each Tuesday, I'll share something inspiring. It could be anything -- a quote, a story, an image -- as long as it sparks a feeling try something new, finally start that project you've been putting off, take on a challenge, or simply try to be a better person. The post will likely be related to running, but it won't always be. The point is to give myself -- and maybe even some of you -- that little push needed to take on life's challenges.

So, here we go:

“We can do many of the things we think we aren't cut out for. We can teach a class, run a long run, complete a hard workout, seize an opportunity or moment, accept a challenge, rise above the fray, raise our kids, be a good husband or good wife. And even if we don't do them perfectly, our willingness to try and learn and reach trumps perfection every time."

--- from “Double Windsor” on Mile Markers by Kristin Armstrong

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