Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Power Hour Workout

For the last few Wednesdays, I’ve been running with the Fleet Feet Ladies Night Group – which has been absolutely fantastic. I’m meeting new people and exploring new routes. But, I skipped tonight to do one final speed workout before Sunday’s race. I'll refer to this as the Power Hour in this and any future posts.

The last time I used "Power Hour" in a conversation, I was talking about the drinking kind. If you’ve never done a Power Hour, the rules say to take a shot of beer every minute for an hour (approximately 7-8 beers: COLLEGE!). The result is a very special kind of evening.

The rules of my Power Hour tonight were similar -- just with a lot less beer (though that would have been interesting). When the song changes, add 0.2 MPH to your speed. I made a special playlist of two-minute clips of music from my DDR playlist and a few other favorites for the occasion.

Yes, I have a DDR playlist...

Yes, I play DDR...

This was the list for tonight's workout, which works out to 45 minutes of music. When I work my way up to 8.0 MPH, I'll should hit the full hour with no problem:

Warm-Up: 10 minutes at 5.8 MPH - Green Grass and High Tides, The Outlaws
6.0 - Flowers, Terra
6.2 - Freeway Shuffle, DJ Taka
6.4 - Electrified, SySF
6.6 - A Thing Called Love, D-Crew 2 US
6.8 - Music and Rhythm, NC
7.0 - Volcano, Yasuhiro Abe
7.2 - Raspberry Heart, jun
7.4 - Stars, Terra
Four-minute recovery at 5.8 MPH - Survivor, Destiny's Child
6.0 - Arrabbiata, Reven G
6.2 - Fire, Mutshiko Izumi
6.4 - Honey Punch, Riyu Kosaka
6.6 - Morning Glory, BeFor U
6.8 - Silver Platform, U1 Reincarnates
7.0 - Dragon Blade, Kozo Nakamura
7.2 - Nijiro, G.S.C License
7.4 - Under the Sky, SayakaMinami
3-minute jog at 5.8 - Can't Stop the Rain, Cascada
Cool Down

It felt great to push myself and run at an 8-minute pace!

I've been feeling kind of tired and out of it this week, so I'm going to say that today was my last run before Sunday. I'm starting to get really excited about the race -- it should be sunny and spring-like, and the route will be gorgeous with all of the Cherry Blossoms.  Tomorrow, I'll hit the elliptical and do a few light strength training exercises. See you at the finish line!

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