Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday Inspiration: Shedding the Past

Running has transformed me, inside and out. It's as much a part of my identity as being a writer, or a mother, or a wife—maybe even more, because I truly don't know if I'd be any of those things if I hadn't toughed out that first mile. I still experience those rock-star moments, every time I make it through a 5 a. m. six-miler when I'd rather be in bed, or finish a hard set of intervals on the treadmill at the Y. There may be no cheering crowds, no medals, no booming baritone announcement. But the finish-line feeling lives on, in my head and in my heart.
---FromShedding the Pastby Lisa Delaney

I came across this article early on when I started training for my first marathon, and it still resonates. Weight loss and running will probably always be linked in my mind because it was through running – and learning to make healthier decisions about food along the way – that I was able to drop the weight that I put on in college.  I love what running has done for me -- not only has it helped me shed the extra weight and become more comfortable in my body, but it has also allowed me to see just what I'm capable of if I'm willing to push myself.

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