Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Measure in Love (& Miles)

I've been listening to the Rent soundtrack (the film version, if you're curious) on my walks to work.  So, how do you measure a year? 

This is my year-end training report from DailyMile for 2012:

(The report doesn't account for runs done on December 30th or the 31st, which will be applied to this year's total.) 

My mileage in June isn't surprising at all.  June was a very lazy month for me when it came to running.  I am, however, surprised that I ran as much as I did in December.

If I hope to reach 1,200 miles this year, I'm going to have to average 100 miles each month.  I can do it, especially if I'm smart about post-race recovery.

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