Sunday, January 6, 2013

Operation Sub-2 (Redux) - Weekly Round-Up (1)

2013 is off to a rocky start.  Nothing truly terrible happened (and I'm thankful for that), but I just felt really down and very little seemed to go right.  Yesterday, my toilet decided that it hated me and flooded my bathroom. Twice.  The first time, I did the only thing a mature adult could do: I sat on my floor, cried, and called my dad.  (I also called maintenance.)  When the water finally drained and I dried my floor (and carpet), I thought I was in the clear.

Then, it happened again.  I doubted that maintenance would actually show, so I actually did the only thing a mature adult could do:  I dried my floor, ran to the hardware store, bought tools, and fixed my own damn toilet.  Then, I had a beer. 

Hopefully, next week is better.

I'm happy to report that training seems to be going well so far.  I went out for a 10-mile run with Stef earlier today.  Even though I ran intervals yesterday, I felt good.  After not having run anything farther than 6 miles in a few weeks, this is promising.

This week,  I'm going to adjust my Smart Coach plan to give myself a rest day after this weekend.

Monday  - Stretching, Foam Rolling
Tuesday -  4 miles (easy)
Wednesday - Tempo Run, 6 miles (4 @ 9:16)
Thursday - 3 miles (easy)
Saturday - 13 miles

Ten weeks to go...

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