Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Non-Running Commentary: A Steakhouse for the Ladies

Word on the street is that STK, a female-oriented steakhouse, is coming to DC.  (Apparently, this is a thing in several other trendy cities.)

Where do I even begin with this?

The commercial? 

Because, let me tell you, when I go out for steak with my lady friends, we suggestively feed each other before cutting into a cut of meat with a chainsaw.  The only thing missing from this is someone spilling the vodka all over their dining companion's white blouse.

This quote from the CEO?
The idea behind STK, said Jonathan Segal, the CEO of the One Group, was to create a steakhouse for women. When he visited several area steakhouses, "the majority were full of men," said Mr. Segal. "If you cater to a female market, men will follow happily and empty their wallets into your tills."  
Oh right -- because we all know that women aren't the real money-making customers.

How about this one?
STK, then, became a place where women wouldn't find crab cakes but "crab salads," Mr. Segal said, and steaks came in small, medium and large cuts.
Women love salads, y'all!  (Also, why would you order a crab at a steakhouse?  Rookie mistake.)

I'm taking bets on how much pink will  be used to decorate this place...

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